Friday, July 31, 2009

Freeway off ramp to heaven in Portland, Oregon

This is certainly catastrophic art?

internet troll from craigslist....

"Troll in my pants." high quality catastrophic art?

Obama Care : An official government poster

this one is from the web and floats around on is the official poster... it may be better:

this one is all over the web, entitled "baked".

picture postcards./ playboy tower in perspective....

this is not necessarily catastrophic art just some low quality picture postcards that might be interesting. And a test posting to start using

Catastrophic Arts

Art is bad enough. Bad Art is just a cliche' it is time to advance to the catastrophic arts. Finding the worst on craigslist and elsewhere online and sharing it. There is no question that it is art and also no question that it is beyond bad. The more the better. Anyone that says no one ever died from art is quite wrong. Experts question whether the great wall of China had any practical purpose beyond art . The building of that wall killed millions and millions. People still think it is glorious. The Coliseum in Rome was really about nothing more than art and entertainment or the entertainment of art and human sacrifice. It is easy to see what is left of the coliseum as a great piece of art and architecture and not see it as catastrophic art. The same is true of the cannibal temples and pyramids of ancient Mexico and central America. Art can be nothing less than pure evil. Evil is not what this page is a more humorous look at catastrophic art and an attempt to immitate it for entertainment purposes. The purpose is to take photoshop cartooning seriously as the new catastrophic art form for a new era in catastrophe.