Friday, August 7, 2009

Greenhouse Gas Secrets

This is almost a comedy . How can all these people be so sure there is such a thing as a greenhouse gas? How do they measure the properties when it seems there are experiments that show they can't do it? Try it yourself and get the same effect the original experiments get but then add a few important controls to retest the original theory. I did it and seems clear that the original greenhouse gas analogy only leads to a very negligible effect in real observations. If my observations are correct than the pseudo science of global climate change is a vast comedy that does need laughing at. The original analogy comes from the atmosphere of the planet Venus which has a much soupier high density , high barometric pressure atmosphere than the earth, There are more variables than just heavier suspected 'greenhouse' gases present on Venus. The mass of Venus's Atmosphere is 90 times more than earth's. It has 90 times the atmospheric pressure. The problem Al Gore and Company have given universal gas law formulas is that Earth barometric pressure must go up first before we get the global warming effect he talks about or the warming has to be in the oceans not the atmosphere. If Earth ATM (average atmopheric pressure) is not going up than the global warming theory is just a chicken quacking.

This includes a planet of a different composition , with lower mass, less gravity, much closer to the sun. the greenhouse gas effect theory sounds great but on closer inspection it does not take all the variables into effect and is just an analogy. Greenhouse gas theory and global warming seem to be an extrapolation of an analogy and that just seems to make for very bad science. Try this experiment yourself and see if you can find the same objections to the original theory and experiments that are supposed to prove there are greenhouse gases that I do. I am convinced that the original experiments and the extrapolated theory is absurd, and now a joke that has become a giant pseudo science political scam. Another proof comes from the diurnal warming and cooling of maritime areas verses inland areas on continents. The oceans seem to have more of a heat retention effect than any atmospheric properties that are actually observed. This is why the greatest change in temperature from night to day might be observed in an inland desert and not on an ocean shore. Look at both pictures in this slide show to see a simple control experiment that questions the original thesis.

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