Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Social Worker Care under Obama Care.

Anyone else notice the national disaster of national child care protective services? In Florida there were some 2000 missing foster kids and the child protection agency blamed a lack of money. Its just as bad everywhere. In oregon the state rutinely finds pedophiles to become foster parents and never accepts any blame. Not even after giving children over to Ward Weaver as a child care mentor! The agency just grows and grows and so does its catatstrophic incompetence! It is a lucrative business for all involved and more abusive for the children caught up as pawns for federal grant money and lawyers looking for child protection family law work. Your national obama care health care is going to be just as bad or worse because soon your doctors will be forced to become state employee union members and they will go on strike like they do in France from time to time. Anyone who listens to all the nonsense about doctors ordering too many tests must be stupid. Tests can tell your doctor if you have a neurological problem and not a completely different disease. If obama care limits your access to a full range of tests you might end up getting treated for a disease you don't have while not getting the treatment you need. Already this happens to patients who don't take the initiative and get secondary medical opinions , with more testing, before committing themselves to a major form of treatment or surgury. Who is Dr Obama to tell you you have too many tests and that that expense is too much? There is basic science involved in medicine today and actual experimental testing of the patient can determine the patient's actual condition. You don't want to go to a doctor and be given one or two tests and you don't want to necessarily rely on false postivives or false negative test results because the national health care commission won't pay for more testing. chances are you wont even see an actual doctor for more than ten minutes. meet your nurse substitute:

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