Monday, August 3, 2009

Anyone with any doubts that President Obama is the son of Malcom X should look at the photo of his official father !

Try making any facial point or biometric comparisions between this guy who is supposed to be the president's biological father and president obama and then compare the face and body structure of Malcom X, Malcom Little, Go point by point and clearly the Obama family must think we are stupid or that we think all blacks look the same. It does not even take a hard analysis of the facial structure of the imposter father to know why he ran away when Barack was growing up. He ain't the father.

Look at the lips, the shape of the head, the eyes, the nose , the lips, the cheeks, fellow artists, you know this guy is not as likely the father of president obama than Malcom X ...see below.

The problem with the DNA analysis on a biometrics visual basis is that even in a mixed racial combination that president Obama is supposed to be some of the facial traits, at least 1/8 from the father or should be dominent. There are none in this face. Zero. It looks like 75 percent are dominent genetic traits that would link obama to malcom x by eyeing the photos as a professional artist. Why the secret? Malcom X would have made the better president because he did not lie about his actual political possitions on issues but was completely streight foreward.

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