Sunday, August 2, 2009

The fine art of drinking while driving.....Portland, Oregon, USA

So what if it is against the law? It is also a crime to litter. A $500-$1000 fine per bottle thrown from a car? I picked these up on a walk one day along the side of the road. These were just the easy to find bottles and cans not thrown deeper into the bushes or over the cliff side of the road. There was still beer in many of them and they were not there the day before. One more for the road on the road to or from work downtown I would guess. Some people can't wait for a beer when they are in their cars driving. They throw the bottles out along the wooded areas where they think the police won't see them doing it. Dispose of the open can or bottle in the car to hide the evidence. Anyway i get 5 cent per bottle on my walk. Thanks for not hitting me on the side of the road drunk drivers and thanks for the cans and bottles.

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